Squadhelp Review


$10 for contestants

Access from any country


Simplicity of site


Easy to make money



  • Access from almost anywhere in the world
  • Make $100 + if you win a contest
  • Good platform to get naming/logo ideas for your business


  • No Guarantee of making money
  • Pay $10 to enter naming contest
  • Competition is very high


For those who don’t fully know who Squadhelp is and what they do, Squadhelp is a crowdsourcing platform where a business owner will post a contest on the platform and registered members have the opportunity to take part in the contest. The winner of the contest is chosen by the business owner and once the contest has closed, the winner will be paid for the contest by the business owner

Squadhelp is an international company and people from around the world can join. Many companies make use of Squadhelp’s platform for audience testing, machine learning, logo designing or to simply acquire a name for the business they plan on opening.

The Squadhelp Overview and My personal Rankings

Name: Squadhelp

Founder: Darpan Munjal

Website URL: https://www.squadhelp.com

Price: For contestants – $10 once of. For Business owners – price ranges from $199 to $999 depending on o the package you choose.

affilination.siterubix.com Rating of Wealthy Affiliate: 6.8/10

Registering As a Freelancer

The Pros

Location is not an issue

Many online networks require you to either live in the US or another first world country. However,Squadhelp can be accessed by almost anyone around the globe.

Sign up and be on your way

to start contesting, follow the simple sign up process by filling in your details and selecting what type of contests you would like compete in. You will need to pay $10 sign up fee if you decide to take part in the naming contests .

Rise through the ranks

As a new member, the site will assign you a minimal amount of contest ( most likely 1-3 contest) that you can participate in. This is to get your feet wet and familiarize yourself with the plat form and how the contests work.

Although you will be eligible to win contests from the word go, you will need to earn likes to gain full access to the platform. One way of getting likes is to win a contest and be featured on the “winners” page where people can like your winning name/logo/design. Another way is to submit quality content on a regular bases that gets liked by the CH (Contest Holder).

By submitting quality entries, the platform will allow you to enter into more contests, thus increasing your chance of success.

Once you gain full access to the platform you will have a variety of contests to choose from and you will be in control of what you enter and what you don’t. As mentioned above, during the contest, the Contest Holders will rate your ideas and provide you with feedback. They do this by choosing from a rating scale that looks like this:

You have the potential to progress within Squadhelp and reach the “Tier A” level where you will be part of an elite group of members. This means that you will have access to certain contests that other members won’t. These contest usually pay between $200 and $500.The extra advantage is that not everyone has access to these contests so competition is relatively low.

The Cons

There is no actual guarantee that you can earn money from this company eacuse in order to make money, you have to win a contest. This means that you could go months, years or even never make money from Squadhelp.

Squadhelp claims to have over 70,000 registered freelancers on the site, so there is no telling how many people will enter a single contest or if the Contest Holder will even like your ideas. Although personally I have only seen about 3000-5000 people entering a single contest, the competition is still high and you will need to be extra creative to succeed.

How Much Can You Earn

Firstly, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money at all. In order to make money, you have to win contests.

If however, you are creative and excel in this line of work, you have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars at a time.Most contests pay between $100 to $300,wile some pay much higher. The trick to earning more is to continue providing quality entries that will get you likes and help you to be eligible enter the higher paying competitions

How You Will Get Paid

firstly, you need to have a verified PayPal account to receive the funds.

Additionally, If you live in the US, you will be required to submit a W9 tax form to the company before you can be paid and people who live elsewhere will need to submit a W8-BEN to the company.

Note :Squadhelp might need to ask you for additional documents or account verification before they send you the money you’ve earned from the contest.

Registering As a Business Owner

As a business owner, you will need to sign up with the company and create an account. Thereafter, you can choose between one of three platforms you would make use of :

  1. Naming Contest
  2. Premium Domain Marketplace
  3. Agency-Level Managed Contest

If you as the owner are looking for a name for your new business, you can simply choose a package, deposit the funds into Squadbank’s account and create a contest.

In order for you to create the contest, you need to fill out the information on the site and answer a few questions about your business.This is to help the freelancer on the site think of a name for your company. After this process is completed, you can start the contest.

The community will then start to submit entries to your contest. As the CH,you will have 3 days to review the entries and give feedback. On the fourth day of the contest, your list should be narrowed down to about 5-10 names

Squadhelp will now test the names on the list for you to see what people prefer. It takes about 4 days to complete this process. Thereafter, the top three names chosen during this phase are sent to a Trademark Attorney for a comprehensive Trademark Screening.

You then have 30 days to select a winner based on the final results from the Audience testing and the Trademark validation. Once the winner is announced, that person is paid for their submission.

If however, you find yourself in a situation where you don’t like any of the entries that were submitted, you have the option to extend the duration of the contest. If you sign up for the gold or platinum package, you will be entitled to a partial refund.

the pricing packages are as follows :

to see a more detailed breakdown of the packages offered by Squadhelp,Check this page out

Wrapping Up

Squadhelp is a legitimate company but many people advertise it as a “get-rich-quick ” scheme which it is not.In fact, it may take longer to make $100 on Squadhelp than on some other platforms.

This is why I wold personally be careful when joining squadhelp and maybe look at alternative ways to make an income online.

If you are the type of person that has $10 to “experiment” with then maybe this could work for you,but if you are the type of person that needs to turn that $10 into something more, then I would not recommended Squadhelp for you as this is not a guaranteed source of income.

If you are looking to something sustainable that does’t cost much to start up, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate, a community that helps you grow over time and gives you the tools to eventually earn much more than $100 a day online.

If you have any questions or queries, you can simply scroll down ,type your comment/question in the text box and I will get back to you ASAP.


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4 Replies to “Squadhelp Review”

  1. I have never really had time to find out what squad help does, but with your precise and engaging article, I can tell what they are into and how it works. good job

    1. Thanks Ibrahim. As mentioned in the article,Squadhelp isn’t a guaranteed source of income and it takes some serious skills too progress and do well.If you are a creative thinker then you should check it out,but if not,then I would not recommend it for you.

  2. Are you saying that a business owner has to pay $999 for one contest or is this a subscription price?

    I heard about Squadhelp through a link that said you could make money fast, but thank you for pointing out that the email was not correct.

    1. Yes Greg,that is the once off price of the ‘Managed’ package which gives you access to consult one on one with one of their branding consultants and also a branding expert (according to Squadhelp) will manage your contest daily.

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