SiteRubix Review


FREE first website

Access from any country


time to construct your website




Support from community


Value for money



  • Build your website in under 30 seconds!
  • uses wordpress software to run the website
  • comes with many extra features that help SEO rankings


  • Domain name will carry the "SiteRubix" Extension is a web hosting platform that was created by Kyle,Carson and their team over at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix were designed to work hand in hand to provide an all in one state-of-the-art web hosting service that is arguably the best web hosting service in the industry

The SiteRubix Overview and My Personal Rankings

Name: SiteRubix


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: FREE first website, access to build 9 more websites as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member ranking of siterubix : 9.5 / 10

SiteRubix…Build , Learn ,Progress

SiteRubix has taken website building to a completely new level with their feature that allows you to build your website in under 30 seconds!. They have completely removed all the technical aspects of building a website which accommodates for almost anyone that wants to build a website, whether you are tech-savvy or not.

SiteRubix is powered by WealthyAffiliate which is an online community that provides you with step-by-step training courses on how set up your website, 24/7 support if you ever get confused, and up to date tools that will assist you in turning your dream into a reality.

Who Should Use SiteRubix

SiteRubix is for almost anyone looking to earn money online by building a website or multiple-sites. The benefit of using SiteRubix as a beginner is that it is simple and easy to use and if you have experience with other hosting services, SiiteRubix should be a walk in the park for you.

Build your website in under 30 Seconds!

you can build your own website in under 30 seconds right here. All you need to do is choose a domain name, enter it and press the “build it Now” button! That’s it!

Once The Construction Is Over…

SiteRubix uses a software called WordPress to run their websites, so in order to familiarize yourself and set your website up correctly after constructing it, Kyle has made 4 Step -by-step tutorial videos that show you how to set up and navigate around your website.

To gain direct access to those 4 tutorials, Click Here and skip to step 3.

Note:If you join the Wealthy Affiliate community, Kyle takes you through the entire process from setting up your website right up to and including monetizing it

Adapting to Meet The Market’s Needs

These days,about 50% of web browsing happens on mobile devices (tablets//phones which have different screen sizes). SiteRubix builds websites that are responsive and are able to adapt to any screen size.

This is a major advantage because If you don’t have an adaptive and responsive website, you are potentially missing out on as much as 50% of web traffic coming to your site

No Banner Ads!

For those who are a bit more experienced, you might have noticed that other web hosts will let you build a website for “free”, but then populate it with ads of their choice so that they can make money of the ads. This Makes your website look ugly and unattractive.Furthermore it makes your site seem unprofessional and gives the reader the impression that you are only creating the website to make money. This loses their trust in seconds and may cause them to leave.

With SiteRubix, there are no additional ads and your site can look the way you want it to.

Extra Features…

Site speed- this is basically a feature that loads your website quickly on people’s devices. This is extremely useful as it provides people with an overall welcoming experience. Think about it, how many times did you leave a particular website because it took too long to load? Site Speed is vailable to¬†alleviate this issue

Site content- this is a tool that allows you to create your content on Wealthy Affiliate and publish it directly to your website.. Although this tool is very helpful, it does have its flaws and is not as user-friendly as something like Microsoft word.

Site Feedback- this is a very useful tool that allows you to gain feedback about your website from other members at Wealthy Affiliate.The community at Wealthy Affiliate is not one to sugarcoat your faults and make you think that everything is up to speed if it is not. The community will identify the inconsistencies within your website and guide and advise you on how to improve it.

This definitely assists you in improving your website and making more money.

These are just some extra features of SiteRubix. Others include Site Manager, Site Domains, Site Comments and Site Support.Visit Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about these features

The Final Verdict

While SiteRubix is not perfect, I would personally rank it the number 1 web host in terms of its all round service and support.

There are many other web hosts out there that claim to have the “best of the best” when it comes to web hosting and site functionality ,but very little can come close to SiteRubix.

In my opinion,if you want to build a website..look no further than SiteRubix!

As always, If you have any questions or queries, you can simply scroll down, type your comment/question in the text box and I will get back to you ASAP.


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4 Replies to “SiteRubix Review”

  1. Wow I never knew someone could actually build a website in 30 seconds. You are right, I noticed some sites that are very new but put up some nice content yet it is bombarded with adds of all sorts. I always thought it was the own of the content that put them there.

    This company sounds really good according to your review. If I decide to build a webpage I now know where to to. I will book mark your post. Thanks for sharing the information.

    1. Yes it is a shame that the content of some websites get shadowed by all the ads on the page.That’s one of the reasons I prefer SiteRubix because in my opinion,they place you and your content at the top of their priority list.

  2. I definitely agree that SiteRubix is the best all around platform for website building. I use it for my own website, and while it definitely has its glitches from time to time, I am able to edit and manage my website with ease. I’ve read up on other platforms, and they simply don’t compare to SiteRubix. God bless you!

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