How To Start A Small Business Online

Focus on the market, not the product.

To escalate your chances of success from the onset, the trick is to focus on a particular market, find a problem that people have within that market, and sell the solution, rather than choosing a product to sell that doesn’t meet the people’s needs and wants.

People buy a certain product / service for one of two reasons:

  1. That product / service is going to solve a problem that they currently have. For example, as time passes, people are finding it more difficult to go to shopping malls /stores etc because of how busy their lives are. This motivated companies like Amazon to be created to solve this problem and provide us with an easy way to do the same shopping from the comfort of our homes or work etc
  2. Based on their feelings and emotions at the time, people will buy a certain product. Take a scenario in junior sport for example, have you seen when a team wins a big game and the coach or one of the player’s parents take the entire team out for ice-cream or for a meal. the reason why the coach / parent took the team out foor a treat was because they were ecstatic about winning that game so the decided to reward the team.I’m pretty sure that there would have been no ice cream if the team had lost the game.

So my question is, what is easier, trying to solve a problem that a group of people have by selling a solution or hoping that someone’s parent is going to happy enough to treat their child’s entire team to your ice-cream? For me…option 1 sounds a lot easier because there are fewer variables involved in solving a problem and you have control over the solution, whereas with option 2,you are relying on someone else’s emotions to buy your product.

Don’t get me wrong, targeting someone’s emotions is not a bad business strategy, but solving a solution is a lot easier and more effective in my opinion.

Now, you may be asking yourself that in order to sell a solution I need to have a problem first, where / how do I find a problem that I can solve? Let’s take a look below:

Visit Online Forums

Visit online forums like Quora to see what questions people are asking and what problems they are trying to solve within your particular field of interest.

Make sure you read the questions carefully and hereafter choose one that interests you. Then type that same question into Google’s search engine to see if there are more people with the same problem but also to get an idea of what solutions people are providing for these problems and if there are any products / services that that can solve this problem.

Build Your Website in Under 30 Seconds!

Now that you have identified the problem you want to solve and have basic ideas on how to solve it, you need a website where you can share your ideas and solutions to the problem.

Many people think that building a website takes time and effort and also requires a lot of coding….Well…that’s incorrect because you now have access to a platform where you can literally build a website in under 30 seconds!

Try it out for yourself below.All you need to do is to insert the domain name of your intended website and click ‘build’.

Note: a Domain name is basically the address where Internet users can go to access your website. This is usually the name of your company / brand .

Setting Up Your Website

With your free website built and ready to go, there are a few simple yet crucial tasks to complete in order to set your website up and make it ready to be populated with your amazing content.

The entire process can literally be done in less than 2 hours and is further explained in another post of mine.

Click Here to learn how set up your website. P. S: fast tract to step 3 to recieve the info you are looking for

Learn From the Competition

Your website should now be up and running, but before you start writing your content, you need to visit potential competitor’s websites, observe the methods they are making use of to solve the problem and take notes on your observation.

The trick is to try to identify a loophole in their solution. Then conduct research, fill the gap and do a better job of their work. Some things to look out for when doing this research is to take note of what questions appear in your mind when reading their responses and then trying to provide enough information in your own post that will answer those particular questions as well as providing all the other relevant information.

By answering the questions that appeared in your mind, you have potentially answered the questions of many other readers, which will attract more web traffic to your website and help your site to gain popularity.

Do Keyword Research

After visiting online forums and checking out the competition, do something called keyword Research. Keyword research is used for search engine optimization and is basically finding out how many times a month a particular phrase is searched on Google and how much of competition you will have if you decide to use that particular phrase as the title of your post. Doing keyword research is simple but effective and while it may take more than a few minutes to do, it is worth the time.

The best tool to use for keyword research, in my opinion is Jaaxy Research. This is a simple tool that helps you to identify all that I have mentioned above.

Below is a screenshot of an example of how Jaaxy Research works.

The most important information in the picture is “Avg” which is the average times a word is searched for in a month, and “QSR” which is basically the amount of competition your keyword phrase has. Note:for SEO(search engine optimization) purposes, it is important to chose a keyword that makes grammatical sense and also one that has a low QSR (under 100 is ideal when starting off. But the lower, the better)

Make Your Words Work For You.

Always remember that your website is your 24/7 sales representative and hence it needs to be structured in a way that is going to sell your product to the customers. The important thing to never forget is that as an online marketer, your aim is to genuinely provide value to someone’s life while selling them a product or service that will solve their problems. So be honest, open and persuasive. Here are more in depth points to follow:

Arouse the reader’s interest with a compelling headline.

Your headline sets the tone for your post and if your headline is boring or unimaginative, you automatically lose the interest of the reader and no matter how precise and comprehensive your body copy is, it will not have an effect on the reader.

Describe the problem your product solves

Don’t just tell your potential customer that your product solves a particular problem. Show them how it is used and more importantly show them how it can solve THEIR problem. Try to personalize your copy and make it seem as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with the customer. This extremely important.

Write as if you are conversing…

There is no need to write your content out like facts. Actually people tend to get bored and lose interest very fast when reading text that is written in this way. The simple way to do it is to write the way you would talk to the individual in person. Address them personally and don’t be afraid to interact with them using your text. For example, ask questions to make them feel include and to help them engage with the text.

Establish your credibility as a problem solver

People will close a deal with no hesitation based on trust. I know this can be hard when starting out because obviously there aren’t many people that have utilized your product/ service and therefore your brand trust is very minimal.

The solution to this problem is that when you are describing your product or service, research well-known people in your niche and find out what methods they used to solve the same / similar problem, But don’t steal their idea. Rather, include a snippet of their method into your description and give them credit for this.

For example :If you were to base your content around teaching people how to learn a certain skill in soccer.Then try to find a famous soccer player that used that method or a similar method and include it in your article. This automatically brings about trust between you and the reader because the fact that you researched and found that that particular method works (the proof being that a famous soccer player uses it) ,the reader will then start to gain trust and believe that you actually did your homework and your methods are legitimate.

Add testimonials from people who have used your product.

Show your reader proof that your methods work by including testimonials from other clients that have successfully solved their problem with your product/service.The more people that vouch for your content, the more people that are going to start trusting you, the more sales you are going to generate.

Talk about the product and how it benefits the user

try to talk less about yourself or people in general and talk more about the reader personally, so include words like “you” and “your” and fewer words like “I”, “me”,”they” and “them”. Remember that you are trying to make the reader feel that this product /service is solving THEIR problem, not anyone else’s problem. A great tip is to try to think like a customer and ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” This will help you to create content around this question and provide a comprehensive solution.

Make an offer…

After you have given the reader a comprehensive breakdown on how your product / service is going to solve their problem, make them an offer. Tell them that to solve their problem, your product only costs $___

Offer a strong guarantee

People may be hesitant about paying for the product/service and that’s where the guarantee comes in.To push them over the edge and make the purchase,you need to assure them that they will not be wasting / losing  their hard-earned money. So include bonuses like money back guarantees or a free trial (you need to obviously keep to your word and do what your guarantee promises).This puts the reader at easy and creates the feeling of being at low to no risk when entering into the transaction.

Create an urgency to opt in

After making them feel at low risk, create an urgency like “this offer is valid for the 1 hour !” or something of that sort that will call them to action as quick as possible.

Ask for the sale

This is where you ask the person to fill in their details, pay and grant them their amazing product.

Drive traffic to your website

When starting a small business online, it is important to drive as much web traffic as you can to you website. Why? Simply because the more people that visit your website, the more sales you will potentially make.

You will naturally gain more web traffic as your website gains authority online and you start to rank higher on the various search engines, but here are some ways to increase your inflow of traffic without having to wait that long:

PPC (pay-per-click)  Advertising

Have you noticed that when you search for something in Google’s search engine, there is usually a small icon on the top left of the first couple results that say “Ad”. This is basically PPC advertising.

What advertisers do (and you could potentially do this too) is that they will use websites like Google Adwords and pay them to display their ad high up on the list of the search results for a specific keyword.

This is a great method of driving useful traffic to your site. The reason I emphasized useful is that when using PPC ads, you are not just throwing your ad out there for anyone and everyone to see. Rather, you are paying for your ad to appear high up on the search results for a specific keyword phrase, so only when someone searches that specific keyword phrase will they see your ad. This eliminates a ton of unwanted / useless traffic and helps you to target those people are actually interested in your type of content.

The price of PPC ads vary drastically depending on what content you are promoting / what product you are trying to sell, but as mentioned in the name, you only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad and not for the time that the ad is listed.(which is very cost effective in my opinion)

leverage Social Media

Social media is another powerful tool to drive traffic your website. Think about it, how many times have you found something that caught your eye while scrolling through social media and clicked it which then took you to a particular website?

Well that’s exactly what you’re aiming to do. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and create content that is relevant to a post on your website,but don’t give everything away, give enough information to add value and capture the reader’s attention and then add a link from your social media post to your website post to allow for the reader to click and find out more.This will increase your web traffic.

You could create a completely new social media account and try to build a following or you could use your current account and just try to grow it.

My guess is that you are already creating content on personal your social media accounts,so you can increase the traffic to your website by doing what you have already been doing before, but with a purpose…

Leveraging Online forums

You should now revisit those same online forums like Quora etc.The difference now is that you will be answering the questions pertainig to your niche.So you need to set up an account,research the questions that relate to your niche,and simply answer them

The trick here is to always include a link back to one of your posts where the reader can find out more, and once you have provided value and caught their attention with your answer, they should click the link to find out more about what you have to say on your website post.

This method can also be used on the various social media platforms.

Build Your Own Audience

one of the most effective methods of converting readers into buyers is by building your own opt-in list of followers and targeting them specifically. What this does is that it allows you to target the people that are interested in your content specifically.

Now, an email list doesn’t build itself overnight, it takes a lot of time to actually build a substantial list of subscribers.

the best way to do this is by adding a pop-up whenever someone visits your page, asking them to enter their email address which will allow them to receive emails when you release a new post.

Many people however don’t like to just subscribe and receive notifications, so another way to approach this is by giving away a ‘bonus’ when they sign up, so when the reader enters their email address, you provide them with some sort of bonus that will add value to their lives.So you have provided them with value and  you now have them as a subscriber and can send them emails about your product…

The good thing about email marketing is that you are building relationships with your audience (by addressing them directly in your emails) which then builds trust and ultimately leads to higher conversion rate.

Don’t Lose Your Customer After The First sale

Think about this from a brick and mortar business’s point of view. If a customer makes an initial purchase from your store, would you say,”thank you” and let them go away forever, or would you try to provide them with great customer service, maybe even give them a pamphlet on their way out so that they can have something to remember your business by and return in the future.

Even if you don’t give them a pamphlet or some sort of advert, wouldn’t you at least try and sell them one or two other items that might compliment the item they are already buying? Well I for one would.

You see, the hardest part is getting the customer to make the initial purchase and it is proven that almost 40% of customers that bought from you once will buy from you again, so don’t let another potential sale slip out of your hands.

After the customer has decided to make the initial purchase, on your check out page,make them an offer for products that will compliment the product they are buying or give them some sort of loyalty points that they can use when they shop again with you in the future.

This is also another great place to ask if the customer would like to subscribe to your email list if they have not already.

Wrapping up

Starting a small business online isn’t as hard as it may seem, although it does take time and effort. Also,the internet world is evolving much faster than the physical world so the potential to grow online is huge!

My advice would be to get the right training first before trying to brave uncharted territories alone, and for this I am going to offer you access to the training that I did myself when I first started out.

the training is hosted by a company called Wealthy Affiliate and is a step-by-step course that explains to you how to create, set up and promote your product /other companies products online ( which follows the affiliate marketing business model).click on the link below to gain FREE access to the course for 1 week to see if it’s actually worth it or not for you before spending a dime off your hard-earned cash

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As always, If you have any questions or queries, you can simply scroll down, type your comment/question in the text box and I will get back to you ASAP.


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