What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Naturally,there are many keyword research tools on the market that claim to be “the best in the industry”, providing you with “the most accurate search results”…but is all this really true and do they actually provide you with the quickest, simplest method of checking if your keyword phrase is a good choice or not and more importantly…do they do this all for free?

Well, let me introduce you to Jaaxy, (in my opinion) the leading keyword research tool in the industry, and here’s why I say so…


Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that allows you to conduct your keyword research in a quick, simple and effective manner.

When using Jaaxy, there are literally 4 aspects to understand before you can be on your way to ranking under a great keyword.

Let’s take a look at them below :

1) QSR (Quoted Search Results) – this is the number of competing websites that are ranked in google for that exact same keyword. It is the most important metric because if you try to rank under a keyword with a lot of competition, you are potentially not going to get a lot of web traffic or it may a very long time before you can get ranked on the first page. The ideal number for QSR would be under 100

2) Avg – this is the average number of searches a particular keyword receives per month. This is the second most important metric when it comes to rankings. Typically, you will want to look for a keyword that attracts some traffic, but be aware, large amounts of traffic are not always a good thing.(this is explained in detail later on in the post)

3) SEO -This is basically a scoring system that ranges from 1-100 (the higher the better) and determains the possibility of you being ranked on the first page of search results if you decide to use that particular keyword phrase.

4) KQI (keyword quality indicator) -this works hand in hand with the SEO rankings and gives you an idea of whether the keyword is of good quality or not. This is especially useful when looking for keywords to rank for PPC (pay per click) ads etc.

Didn’t We Mention Something About It Being FREE?

of course we did,Jaaxy keyword research tool allows you to make 30 absolutely FREE keywords searches to prove to you that they genuinely provide you with value instead of try to sell you some sort of complicated system. In fact, why don’t you try it out right here, right now.

All you need to do is type your desired keyword phrase in and click “search’…and you are on you way to understanding keywords better and being ranked higher among the different search engines.

Valuable Tips When Conducting Keyword Research

let’s take a look at some valuable tips to consider when doing your own keyword research.

If you have your own methods that work for you, that’s great, but here are some key factors to consider when choosing your keyword phrase.

Low competition : when choosing a keyword to rank under, you don’t want to even consider a phrase that will drown your keyword and allow it to be lost in a sea of competition, because what’s the point of writing an article that will hardly ever be seen?

The thing is that the higher rank you receive, the more traffic you should gain and the more sales you should make…so there’s no point in aiming to get lost in a sea of competition.

Point 1 : look for a keyword that has a low QSR. Ideally, you want to target the ones with less than 100 QSR..and the lower the better.

Decent traffic : Did you notice how I didn’t say “high traffic”? This is because usually the high traffic keyword phrases have a pretty high QSR, where your article will probably get lost.

So typically, anything over 100 average searches per month is ideal but I would even consider those above 50. Simply because if the keyword phrase is receiving about 50 searches a month and has a very low QSR, your chances of ranking on the first page are great compared to a higher QSR keyword.

You see, ranking for lower volume keywords adds up over time and instead of trying to climb a high ladder of competition  and score big (which will probably take a lot of time),you can be building decent traffic from lower QSR keywords much faster which should prove to be more lucrative on a recurring basis.

Point 2 :look for decent traffic (as mentioned before, over 100 is ideal, but anything from about 50 is ok)

Focus on your grammar : when looking for a keyword phrase, you want to use something that makes grammatical sense or otherwise, it would just be weird would try to create content under a keyword phrase that just doesn’t make any sense.

Note :If you feel like you are trying too hard to squeeze your content under that keyword phrase… I would suggest that you don’t use it.

Let’s take a look at an example below :

“how to throw ball” versus “how to throw a ball”

which one would you find easier to write content under? My guess,”how to throw a ball” because it makes senses, right.

Point 3: target a keyword phrase that makes grammatical sense.


Conducting keyword research properly is vital to you post’s ranking on the various search engines and if you use the wrong tool or one that just doesn’t make any sense to you, you are automatically disadvantaging yourself and potentially missing out on crucial traffic and possibly even many crucial sales.

I have been using Jaxxy for a while now and can strongly assure you that if you understand the four aspects listed above, you are very likely going to enjoy using this simple, yet crucial tool that can potentially set you apart from your competitors.

As always, If you have any questions or queries, you can simply scroll down, type your comment/question in the text box and I will get back to you ASAP.



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The benefits of An Online Business

In recent years, the amount of people shopping online has skyrocketed as its an easy and convenient way of getting your shopping done.

However, from a business’s point of view, you may be wondering if it is worth your time and effort to actually start up a whole new business or move your entire business online. Well that decision is left up to you, but here are 10 benefits of an online business that just might help you answer that million dollar question.

1)Low Startup Cost

Usually, in business, there are multiple costs involved in starting a business, beginning with paying monthly rent for a physical building, then of course the supplies and equipment, salaries and wages, software, hardware, and the list goes on.

With such a long list of expenses, what money are you taking home ? (especially in the first couple months)

That’s where an online business differs.

If you think about it, you don’t even have half of the costs mentioned earlier because their is no physical building involved and when starting out, you will most likely be the only person involved in the running of the business so their are no salaries and wages to pay.

Your basic startup costs involve the following :

  1. A domain name
  2. A web hosting service

While the start up costs are very minimal, it may be a little tricky to navigate your way around your website and fully understand how to leverage your site to gain web traffic and generate an income. For this, I recommend that you take an online course that teaches you all of this.

In my opinion, the best course out their is run by a company called Wealthy Affiliate, where they firstly give you a free domain name and also use one of the best web hosts on the market, BUT that’s not all, the co owner, Kyle, offers 2 different courses that teach you step by step how to create, set up and run your website.

>>>> To get your FREE starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate, CLICK HERE!!<<<<<<

2)Better client service through greater flexibility

How many times did you rush to a store after work only to find that they had just closed?

Now think about it from the businesses point of view, How many potential customers would you have lost if you were closed when customers tried to access your store?

The thing with an online business is that its open 24/7 all year round !

What this does in terms of client attention is huge. Clients can access your website to read content/make a purchase at any time of the day or night and they can contact you via email if they ever need help or have a few questions to ask…..all from the comfort of their homes, no rush.

You see, people prefer to do things on their own terms, but that isn’t always possible nowadays due to the fast paced lives that we live, so by running and online business, you allow your customer to visit your website while they are relaxing on their couch, in their home, at whatever time they decide to go online, allowing them to visit your website on their terms which makes them feel comfortable and more likely to make the purchase.

3)Reaching a Global Audience

With a physical business, you are limited to reaching the customers in your specific area, and if your product is very sought after, then some people will have to travel long distances to reach you, which is a great deal of time and money spent on their path.

However, with an online business, you can cater for people from all over the world, ultimately increasing your target market and very likely, the amount of sales you will make.

4)Leveraging Social Media

Fair enough, you can advertise you physical business on social media, but the flaw is that the customer will have to actually get off their couch, get dressed and actually come to your store and buy the product.

With an online business, you can advertise your product on social media and with just one click/tap, customers can be on your site and ready to make the purchase. And as mentioned earlier, they can do it on their terms, which increases the potential of them actually making the purchase.

5)Tailor Your Marketing Approach

when operating an online business,

You have access to track and see where you are gaining most of your web traffic from and what type of ads are getting the best response. Also, you have the ability to see the type of people that click on your ads and buy your product. This allows you to ‘tailor’ you approach of advertising to target that specific group of people.

Tailoring your ads is one of the best advantages of operating a business online because once you know exactly who wants to see your ad, what type of ad they want to see and where they want to see it, you can target them specifically and potentially skyrocket web traffic to your website and in turn have the potential to drastically increase your sales.

This is unlike a physical business where tracking your targeted customer is very difficult because you have to physically track which ad each and every person is responding too…..which is extremely cumbersome and in my opinion, almost impossible as your physical business grows.

6)Let Your Customers Do the Selling

How though, aren’t they the one’s doing the buying?

You see, when a customer purchases a product from you and is happy with the product, you can leave a section on your website for them to write testimonials and comments talking about how the product has benefited their lives.

When a customer visits your website and sees that other people have already bought the product and are happy with it, they will automatically be more inclined to buy the product.

This however is not as easy to achieve with a physical business because people will share comments via word of mouth. This method takes long to work and chances of the verbal comment going global is very low.

7)Lower Marketing Costs

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to advertise your physical business on some massive billboard alongside the highway, you can pay much less to advertise on social media and other advertising networks and potentially even reach a broader audience than the billboard.

The great thing is that after some time, when you have developed a large enough following on the social platforms, your advertising costs drop even more because now you are using your own accounts to promote your product.

Pretty amazing right?

8)More Measurable than A Physical Business…

Coming back to tracking and analytics, you can use platforms such as Google Analytics to track aspects on your website such as the amount of orders that are processed through your site, the average cart total, cart abandonment rate and the percentage of total revenue your website has achieved.

The above is vital a because again, you can ‘tailor’ your approach to certain aspects of your site to meet the requirements of your customers and in turn, generating more revenue.

9)Less Time Intensive Than A Physical Business

once your site is up and running, you will not need to attend to it in the same manner as you would have to attend to a physical business. This is simply because systems are automated online and people can choose and pay for the product without anyone physically assisting them or taking cash.

This gives you time to grow and perfect other aspects of your online business. Maybe even consider selling other products for more streams of income?

10)Go Online, Go Green

By starting a business online, you are ultimately reducing the amount of pollution that you produce. Just think about it, by going online, you are creating a paperless business.

That’s one way of “doing your part to save the earth” right?

A Final Word From Affilination…

If you take a step back to notice the current global trends and customer behavior….you will find that the amount of customers purchasing online is only rising and is probably not going to stop anytime soon due to the fast pace lives that we live.

That’s one of the main reasons I would recommend starting an online business.

Although the advantages of online businesses are great, it does take time and effort to start and get running.As the old saying goes,Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Also, when starting out, the amount of different courses that are available to help you learn how to trade online is insane, and good number of them don’t actually work, or the instructor is advertising the course for beginners but pitching it for experienced marketers.

That’s why I recommend the same course that I took when starting out.

The course is literally pitched at people that know very little to almost nothing about online marketing but can be valued by all levels of online marketers and is run by the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle.

Before you spend a dime on the course, first try it out for 7 days for absolutely FREE before making a conscious decision to go ahead.

To access your starter membership and FREE 7 day trial, CLICK HERE!

To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, check out the review that I did of them here.

Don’t wait for customers to come to you, take your business to them….

As always, if you have any questions or queries, you can simply scroll down, type your comment/question in the text box and I will get back to you ASAP.


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What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work

Let’s Define Affiliate Marketing

Neil Patel breaks this down very simply by saying “Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

What the above basically means is that affiliate marketing is an agreement between an online retailer and an online marketer. They would agree that for every person that buys a product/service through the “marketer’s link” (which is explained later on in the post), the marketer would receive a certain percentage of commission for the sale.

The Game

In affiliate marketing, there are basically two players on a team trying to score a goal

The players:

The merchant- This could be a company selling a product/service e.g.: Wealthy Affiliate , or an individual that is trying to sell their product/ service (usually, individuals sell training courses online)

The Marketer/ Affiliate – this is usually an individual / company that promotes the merchant’s products on their website and social media

The goal: to get consumers to buy the product/service.

The game plan: the merchant gives the product/service link to the marketer who then uses their website and social media to leverage web traffic , promote the product/service and ultimately score a goal.

Pretty simple in theory right?

We all know that in reality…almost nothing is as easy as it may seem. That’s why from the onset, I am going to make it clear to my dear friend that affiliate marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

It a proven method to build a sustainable business online.

This means that instead of earning a couple a hundred dollars online in a small space of time and then closing shop, you will be building a business that will one day be potentially making you a couple of hundred (or even thousands) of dollars daily, but this requires time and effort.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be building and improving your website 24/7, but the more time and effort you put in, the likelier your chances of success are.

The link…

What is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is basically link that the merchant gives you upon signing up for the affiliate programme.

You then copy that link and insert in strategic locations within your content. When a customer clicks on your link, it will take them to the merchant’s page where the merchant will then further try to sell the product.

The genius thing about the affiliate link is that when the customer clicks your link and buys the product, the method they took to buy the product is traced and the link is tracked back to you. Thus allowing you to receive payment for the sale.

However, the question now arises, “what happens if the customer doesn’t buy straight away, leaves the merchant’s site and returns later to buy, but goes directly to the merchant’s site and bypasses my site, how do I still get paid?” When a customer clicks your link, something called a “cookie” is placed on their browser and this will track their use of that particular website for a certain number of days (the numbers vary between different companies)

So if your potential customer returns within the stipulated number of days and purchases, you will still be compensated for the sale

The Possibilities of Your Earnings…

Depending on what you are promoting, you can earn anywhere from 1-100% commission for selling a product (note that 100% commission is extremely rare)

The most common range though is from 4-75% commissions.

The sale of physical products usually yields a lower commission, e.g.: Amazon pays their affiliates between 1-10 % commissions per sale.(although in April 2020 ,Amazon cut their commissions  by about 50%,so just be careful when signing up with them.)

The sale of digital products/services (like online courses etc.) usually pay larger commissions, between 50-75 % commission per sale.

How Do You Get Paid?

Depending on the agreement between the merchant and the affiliate, the affiliate’s contribution to the merchant’s sales will be measured differently. Two common ways of getting paid are:

  1. Pay per sale: this is the standard method of getting paid. When a customer actually buys the product/service through your link, you will receive a commission of the sale.
  2. Pay per click: this is simple; you will get paid every time a customer clicks the link that will take them to the merchant’s website. Basically, you are not getting paid for only making the sale, you are now getting paid for driving traffic to the merchant’s website.

The Tools You Will Require…

The best thing to have as an affiliate marketer is a website that will sell your product for you.

Other lucrative ways to promote the given product/service is on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest etc. However, the challenge with social media is that you are going to require a large following to be able to make an impact on your sales

Another form of advertising is paid ads, but this is not recommended when you are starting off. The best thing to achieve when starting out is organic web traffic as this helps with your Search Engine Optimization.

(Organic traffic Is basically the visitors you attract to your website via unpaid search results. This means that visitors find your website on their via search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, and they are not “referred” by another website

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting ranked on Google or other search engines via organic traffic. This is very important as the higher you are ranked on search engines, meaning the closer you are to the first page that appears when someone searches for your product, the more traffic you will get to your website and ultimately the more sales you will make)

Sell While Sleeping

The reason why I said that a website is the best thing to have as affiliate marketer is because if you think about it, your website is your 24/7 sales representative.

Once you write your content about a particular product/service and publish it, it remains on your website and people can access your content and buy through your link at any time of the day or night (this is actually one of the main reasons that Affiliate Marketing becomes a form of passive residual income)

If you promote products/services on your website, you can write detailed lengthy blogs to convince people to buy the product/service. The reason this is important is that before people buy a certain product, they usually search for reviews on that product and whether it is useful or a waste of money and time.

This indicates that those people are usually open-minded about the product and by providing a detailed description and review of the product/service, you are able to persuade the reader to be inclined to buy the product

The problem that many starting affiliates face though is how to actually create and start a website as this seems like a daunting task. The truth is that it actually isn’t and you can learn how to build and set up your website in 4 simple steps right Here!

The Best Methods of Promoting Products While Adding Value

Some best proven ways to promote a product/service is by writing:

  • review posts
  • how to posts (and then incorporating your product as a key aspect of doing the action, e.g.: if my product was a baking machine, I can write a how to post that’s titled “how make a cake” and then show people how to make the cake but incorporate the baking machine in my method. Then at strategic points in my content I will add my affiliate link)

Note: To promote a product is the one of your main goals as an affiliate marketer.

The other main goal is to genuinely add value to the reader’s life.

You need to be honest, open and persuasive in order to gain the reader’s trust and hence, making the sale, so if you don’t like an aspect of the product, let the reader know because this shows them that you are not just saying good things about a product to promote it, but you are actually giving your honest opinion which is much more valuable and leads to gaining their trust.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing


  • It is one of the cheapest ways to start making money online
  • There is no face to face or phone call selling, your website does the converting for you
  • Affiliate programmes are almost always free to join.
  • As you gain trust and authority within your niche (field of interest) , you should gain more web traffic start and to convert more often, leading to more revenue being generated.


  • It takes time to start earning decent money
  • Again, getting organic traffic takes time (you could potentially go months on end without seeing any major results)
  • Link tracking does sometimes fail and therefore resulting in the loss of a sale

Conclusion + my special bonus

If you are serious about building a solid financial future for yourself then I would recommend affiliate marketing for you, because through affiliate marketing, you can build your own business at your own pace.

For those who are looking to make quick money online, affiliate marking is not something I would recommend because as I’ve mentioned above, in the affiliate marketing industry, it takes time to make a dime.

For those who are interested in affiliate marketing, I am going to offer you the same package I was offered when first started. That is a 7-day FREE trial at Wealthy Affiliate (arguably the industry’s most advanced affiliate marketing platform) where you will gain access to the first phase of 2 Step-by-strep courses that will help you to build and grow your website over time.

All you have to do is click here and set up your account for free. That’s it ! Welcome to our world…

If you have any questions or queries, you can simply scroll down, type your comment/question in the text box and I will get back to you ASAP.


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What is The Best Business to Start In 2020

Before we discuss the best business to start in 2020, let’s talk a bit about the time and effort it takes to start a small business in this day and age.

Time is almost always the problem when embarking on a new venture because today, we barely have time to breathe and  it’ss a proven fact that businesses that put in  the extra hours  at the beginning , usually reap the rewards in the long term. However, the critics that talk about this usually say something like “It doesn’t matter what type of business you start, you always have to put the hours in at the beginning to succeed”

This is where I disagree.

In my opinion,The type of business you choose to start is the most important decision in your career because this choice will depict the amount of time and effort you need to allocate to your business each and every day.

Choosing The Right Type Of Business

Obviously if you decide to start something like a small scale retail business or a repair business, you will have to allocate many hours at a time to build and grow your business in terms of learning and mastering the trade. Then of course advertising yourself to grow overtime. I’m not sure about you, but just the thought of all that extra late night work puts me off.

However, if you choose a business that allows you grow at your own pace and still end up making a decent living in a time frame that suits you, it will firstly be easier to “find the time” to do it because you are not pressured to meet other peoples’ needs and wants and secondly,it will be easier to accomplish your goals because you will be motivating and pushing yourself to work to the best of your ability within your current lifestyle.

So instead of working to meet someone else’s deadlines , you can work on a small portion of the task every day and publish your work whenever you want to…no pressure.

Thiat’s what I did.

I’ve enrolled myself into an online course that allows me to learn and earn simultaneously and at my own pace. Basically, I found a website that teaches you how to start earning an income (that may eventually become passive income) while learning the tips and tricks of the trade.

Now you may be thinking “Well if I am going to start an online business, I will have to learn how to do complicated actions like coding or learning complex systems in order to run my website” Let it be known that if it was complicated, I probably wouldn’t have done it myself because when it comes to technology, I consider myself a little “backwards”. For example (and I’ve mentioned this in another post), I only learned how to compose an email at around the age of 16! So the skill I’m about to introduce you to really is simple.

The Big Reveal…

My number 1 choice an Affiliate Marketing course run by Kyle (The CEO) from Wealthy Affiliate , and as Niel Patel explains it , “Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.”

The differentiating factor between Wealthy Affiliate and other affiliate platforms is that Kyle himself explains that the methods he uses are not “get-rich-quick ” methods,but methods that will be beneficial for a long term, sustainable business. He also conducts the step-by step training tha is mentioned below:

There are two primary types of training offered at Wealthy Affiliate,the “Online Entrepreneurs Certification” and the “Affiliate Bootcamp”.

The Online Entreprenuers Certification – this is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own website and promote almost any product that you would like to. This focuses on promoting products in your chosen niche (interest).

The Affiliate Bootcamp – this is a step-by-step guide on how create a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn 50% monthly recurring commissions from every person that signs up using your affiliate link.

The common thing between both courses is that you can complete them at your own pace and start earning while you are still completing the course. That’s why i said “no pressure”

At The End of The Day

The affiliate marketing course at Wealthy affiliate is designed to help you transition from your 9-5 job to earning a full time online income.

Kyle and Carson (the founders of Wealthy Affiliate) understand that people today are living hectic lives and is another reason why they have designed the course in such a way that you can complete it at your own pace.

Another benefit is that along with the 7-day FREE trial you get as a starter member, you have access to a community of over 1.5 million people that are willing to answer your questions and help you grow to reach your financial goals.

What I suggest is that you allocate about 1 hour a day to start off with, and in my opinion , don’t stay up 1 hour extra at night,wake up 1 hour earlier in the morning because it is proven that you are more productive during the early hours of the morning and also , as the old saying goes….. the early bird gets the worm

So Stay focused,Stay dedicated and Stay motivated to succeed !

As always, If you have any questions or queries, you can simply scroll down,type your comment/question in the text box and I will get back to you ASAP.


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